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A bright and spacious apartment which features all the right elements to make your stay more wonderful than you would imagine.

The beautiful colour combination of yellow and grey makes the ambience seem relaxed. The living room is fully equipped with an attractive cozy couch with your name on it, along with a Smart LCD Flat Screen TV for you to stream your favourite movie as you relax. Cooking and drinking will be a revolutionised experience with an open kitchen and dining space, and the fridge just steps away from the couch, so you never have to pause your show! We also offer a microwave, an oven, a kettle conveniently placed in your kitchen.

The unit provides you with high speed WiFi, bathroom amenities, a fully functioning washer/dryer and a great view of the Solent sky museum. Private access to The Mayflower apartment via elevator. The unit is designed in a way that will always focus on you - our customer. We want to provide you with comfort every step of the way!

A tall length mirror and amusing paintings allow you to leave for the day with panache and style on body and on mind. Both rooms are equipped with room heaters and Flat Screen TV and the apartment unit provides you with a bathroom equipped with a bathtub, shower and a hairdryer, so you’re ready in time and prepared to seize the day.

We want to provide you with convenience so you are able to relax and unwind in our apartment or even work productively.

We speak your language!

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Check-In- 15:00 & Check Out- 10:00

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