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Discover Premier Student Living In Southampton

Smart Apartments offers an exceptional choice for students seeking top-tier accommodation in Southampton. Our serviced apartments blend luxury, convenience, and flexibility perfectly, addressing the distinctive needs of both undergraduate and postgraduate scholars. 


Ideally located near the city’s leading universities, our apartments serve as the perfect launchpad for academic achievement and embracing the vibrant local culture. 

Why Choose Serviced Apartments for Your Student Accommodation

Our fully furnished apartments provide a stress-free living solution that includes all utilities and ultra-fast WiFi with individual hubs in each apartment to support both your academic and recreational needs. 


The flexibility of our short-term leases corresponds seamlessly with academic terms and project schedules, offering you a comfortable home base whenever needed, without the long-term commitments and headaches of traditional housing.

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Experience Life In The Heart Of Southampton 

Strategically located in Southampton’s lively student districts, Smart Apartments positions you at the epicentre of student life. 


Easy access to campuses, libraries, and student centres, along with proximity to shops, eateries, and entertainment options, enriches your student experience, offering a dynamic balance of study and social life.

Simplified Budgeting with All-Inclusive Pricing 

With Smart Apartments, budget management is a breeze. Our all-inclusive pricing structure ensures there are no surprise expenses, allowing you to budget effectively. 


Offering competitive rates and premium amenities, our serviced apartments represent outstanding value for those seeking superior student accommodation in Southampton.


Find Your Perfect Student Accommodation

Selecting the right student accommodation is crucial and we recognise the importance of finding a place that feels like home. 


Our dedicated team is ready to assist you in locating the ideal apartment that fits your preferences, needs, and budget, aiming to make your student life in Southampton as rewarding as possible.

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