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Behind The Scenes At Smart Apartments.

Motivation, smart work, and guest experience – this is what is needed for building a successful venture. The answer sounds too simple, doesn’t it? Trust me, the experience and journey behind these words is a bit more complicated.

Diving into behind the scenes

We want to know how they'd got where they are today? Chris was a L3 Rope Access supervisor and Neil was a Marine Engineer Supervisor and the job demanded frequent travel and hotel stay. A fairly relatable experience and although exciting, this life experience and work commitment provoked them to bring about a change in their lifestyle. It definitely seemed like an opportunity was presented to them and it was now up to them to turn it around & make the best of it.

So, what did Neil and Chris do?

Neil and Chris planned on how to best exploit this opportunity, and with their discoveries, they dug out a master plan of the changes that were needed in the travel accommodation industry. Now, we might wonder, what nudged them to develop this master plan? It was a gap they discovered in the industry, which was the lack of transparency. To fill this gap, they developed ‘a smart hotel alternative’ for smart travellers stop travellers, like you. Their main motivation was to bring about a change and be the catalyst in the industry. Smart Apartments had to be the one-stop travellers innovative solution to fill this gap and be the brand of influence. With this motivation, Neil and Chris started out their journeys as Smart Apartments CEOs.

The question that remains is how?

Well, Neil and Chris were the iconic partnership that the business needed to flourish. These professionals complimented each other’s strengths and weaknesses along their journey and with a defined common motivation sow the seeds to their business. The nourishment came from their smart work of research and gaining knowledge about the industry. They managed to develop social networks by attending events and exhibitions. They enhanced their masterplan with better understanding now, and focused on areas they were good at, that is, operations and customer service. Along the route to success, they knew they needed expertise in other fields and concentrated on key areas, like interior design and customer needs.

Their model is unique and different.

Neil and Chris understood the importance of transparency and experience. So, to flourish in the market, Smart Apartments listened intently to the market demands and introduced a model which was completely transparent of the services they offered. Smart Apartments don’t just offer services, but experiences by building strong relationships. They have relationships with companies such as Experience Hampshire who provide a range of activities, from canoeing down Beaulieu river to ghost walks in the cities underground vaults, they have you covered. They also have relationships with local bars and restaurants offering discounts in some of the cities hot spots. So like this has mentioned before, They’re more than just a room!

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