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Reasons for booking direct

There are many reasons for booking direct and they are definitly good to know. Saving money on holidays are things everybody wants to do and we can certainly start you off on the right foot.

When searching for things like. Best holiday locations in the uk, Best value holidays, Best places to stay in southampton, Cottages to rent in the new forest, Accommodation to rent in the south, places to stay whilst working away etc etc, you will probally get a list of well known sites pop up. Try to find the direct website (just like this one) and you will have access to all the benefits of booking direct. Let me list a few of these below.

1. Discount On Any Online Price

You may or may not be aware that the big booking sites take a percentage for their commission. We can take that off of your price to save money on your reservation costs.

2. Flexibility On Arrival And Departure Times

When booking through a third party site they will apply our check in and out time, with additional costs to check in early or check out late. By dealing with us direct we can offer this as a bonus (If available of course)

3. Relationship With The Owners

Having a relationship with the owners is a good thing to have as you wont ever feel that you cant call us for assistance or future enquiries. Also you wont be passed from person to person then put on hold. You are our priority at all times

4. Deals On Future Bookings

Somtimes we will have special deals available which aren't online due to late cancelations, people having to check out early or even properties that are held back for certain reasons. So sometimes just a quick call is easier than scrolling through online availabilty

5. Loyalty Schemes

We love nothing more than guests returning to stay with us so we will offer discounts, special offers, complimentory early check ins and late check outs and even free nights...Yes free nights, all to add to your Smart Apartments experience.

6. Enhance Your Stay

We can offer extra booking add ons. Such as, prosecco, flowers, decorations, Maps (New Forest Walks) etc etc just a quick call, email or txt and we can get that sorted.

After reading this I guess that we will be hearing from you for your next stay.

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